OREANDA-NEWS  In July, Poland increased purchases of Russian fertilizers by 3.3 times — up to $20.2 million. In July, Russia became the second largest supplier of fertilizers to Poland. This follows from the analysis of import statistics of Poland, which was conducted by the RIA Novosti agency.

In July 2022, Poland purchased fertilizers from Russia for only $6.2 million. This year, the volume of imports increased to $20.2 million. The leader in the supply of fertilizers to Poland is Germany ($22.6 million). Lithuania ranks third ($13.5 million), Finland is fourth ($8.3 million), and the Netherlands is fifth ($8.1 million).

The reduction of purchases of Russian fertilizers by Poland began in April 2022. Their volumes have dropped 21 times in a month. But since June last year, imports of Russian raw materials have started to grow again. For the whole year, Poland bought fertilizers from Russia for $225.1 million against $360 million in 2021.

However, over the seven months of 2023, Poland imported Russian fertilizers worth $97.6 million. This is a quarter less than the same indicator last year.