OREANDA-NEWS  Russian orange juice producers have asked the authorities to consider the possibility of introducing state support measures for such companies against the background of a shortage of raw materials imports from unfriendly countries. This was stated by the president of the Union of Producers of Juices, Water and Beverages (Soyuznapitki) Maxim Novikov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He noted that the problem with raw materials has recently worsened, and this may provoke the disappearance of juice from store shelves. "There is a risk not only of a rise in the cost of raw materials, but also of interruptions in the supply of concentrated orange juice to the Russian market," Novikov warned. For domestic companies, the shortage of raw materials is also aggravated by difficulties with imports from a number of unfriendly countries, so the Brazilian market is of great importance for Russia, the president of Soyuznapitka said.

In the country, which is the largest exporter of orange juice, stocks of this product have fallen to record lows over the past 12 years — in June there were 84,745 thousand tons of juice in warehouses, which is 41 percent less than in 2022. The decrease in stocks occurred against the background of a reduction in production in the US state of Florida due to hurricanes.

Novikov recalled that orange juice is one of the most popular in Russia and is second only to apple juice. The companies are in favor of maintaining zero duty on concentrated orange juice and zeroing the duty on orange cell, which is used in the production of beverages. According to the head of the industry union, this will minimize the risks of manufacturers and provide consumers with products.

Earlier, Klaus Heitlinger, director of the German Fruit Juice Producers Association (VdF), spoke about the threat of global shortages and rising prices for orange juice concentrate. Due to adverse weather conditions, crop yields were below normal in Brazil, Mexico and Spain. At the same time, over the year, the cost of a pound (453 grams) of frozen orange juice concentrate increased by almost a third — from $ 2.02 to $ 2.73.