OREANDA-NEWS Women's secret underwear and clothing stores, which closed in Russia last year, resumed work in the country under the franchise with the help of Belarusian partners, while increasing prices for their assortment, RIA Novosti correspondent was convinced.

So, according to Yandex Maps, stores are open in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, in other cities they are marked as "temporarily out of business." At the same time, the contacts indicate the Belarusian Fashion House group of companies, which, according to information on its website, is the largest fashion retailer in Belarus. "The group ... concludes franchising and exclusive contracts with well-known brands, opens stores in the most commercially profitable premises and effectively manages the retail business. Over the 26 years of our work, we have built strong relationships with more than 100 global brands," the description also says.

However, the brand's website in Russia is still not working, there is an announcement of a "temporary suspension of work" from March 6, 2022. "We're a franchise now. ... There will be no website at all, maybe someday our Belarusian colleagues will come up with something, but now we are working without a website, just retail," one of the store's employees told RIA Novosti.
According to him, the assortment in the network as a whole has remained the same, but more classic models are coming to replace collections that require licenses, for example, with Mickey Mouse. In addition, prices have also increased, this was confirmed by the agency's interlocutor, noting that discounts and promotions still remained. "We have a pair of panties left (an action - ed.), but they are now not 799 rubles, but 999, for some positions we have "3 for the price of 2", and the sale is now underway," he said

In April, a source in the real estate market told RIA Novosti that the stores of this brand will reopen in the country, but with new partners, leaving the name and signage.

Women's secret stores closed in Russia in March 2022, when the Spanish company Tendam, which develops this brand, announced its withdrawal from the Russian market.