OREANDA-NEWS AvtoVAZ announced the resumption of sales of the Lada Granta sports car. The company announced this in a press release on its official website.

The Granta Sport model with a boosted engine and sports chassis settings is now available in sedan and liftback. The company notes that the engine of the "charged" car with a capacity of 118 horsepower has been modified, in particular, changes have been made to the intake and exhaust systems, fuel system, gas distribution mechanism, as well as the engine controller program. At the same time, the direct-flow exhaust system provides a sporty motor sound, the report says.

The decrease in clearance by 20 millimeters compared to the standard model made it possible to reduce the center of gravity of the car and increase the maximum speed when driving in an arc, the company said. Lada Granta Sport also comes with special soft tires that improve grip and help maintain handling on wet and cold asphalt.