OREANDA-NEWS  Chinese automakers are likely to freeze the prices of cars on the Russian market even in the event of a further weakening of the ruble. This was stated by the founder of the project "Automarketologist", ex-president of the association "Russian Automobile Dealers" (ROAD) Oleg Moseev on the air of the radio station "Moscow Speaks".

According to him, at the moment it is Chinese brands that are fighting for leadership in Russia, while the car market is no longer so hot, and there is no global shortage. The expert also noted that manufacturers from China are now receiving "abnormally high" profits, so you can not expect a rise in price in case of a slowdown in demand.

"If sales start to rise, they will understand that there is no point in raising the price tag — you need to fight like the Koreans in 2014-2015, who did everything by keeping prices down, without raising the devaluation of the ruble proportionally, so everything is much more complicated than just the exchange rate," Moseev explained.

According to the Customs of the People's Republic of China, the export of passenger cars from China to Russia in July 2023 for the second month in a row reached $ 1 billion and updated the historical maximum. Russia remains the main buyer of Chinese cars with a share of 16.8 percent in total exports.

According to forecasts by Moody's Analytics, China could overtake Japan and become the world's largest exporter of cars by the end of 2023. In terms of supplies, China surpassed South Korea in 2021 and Germany in 2022 and now ranks second in the world in this indicator.