OREANDA-NEWS. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the German airline «Lufthansa» has made the longest non-stop passenger flight in it's history. It lasted more than 15.5 hours.

On the night of Monday, February 1, the airline's «Airbus A350-900» took off from Hamburg and headed to the Mount Pleasant military base, located on the Falkland Islands — 13.700 kilometers from the German city.

On a board of the liner there were scientists from the Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI), located in Bremerhaven, as well as the crew of the icebreaker «Polarstern». Once in the Falklands, they will all board an icebreaker and embark on an expedition to the Weddell Sea to get some information about climate changes. Usually, scientists traveling to Antarctica from Chile or South Africa, but due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, this was not possible.

Over the past day, the coronavirus was detected in another 5608 residents of Germany, and 175 patients with COVID-19 died, according to the data of the Robert Koch Institute. In 7 days, 91 new infections occurred per 100,000 people. Infection with the start of the pandemic was confirmed in 2 221 971 person.