Environmental protection

25.04.2022, 16:35

Eco-activists swam to the tanker on boats and chained themselves to the anchor chain.

04.02.2022, 16:11
The Kyrgyz authorities are developing a state program "Green Kyrgyzstan", under which every citizen is obliged to plant at least 10 trees. This was stated by the Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision Dinara Kutmatova at a press conference.
The Hurricane Ida.
27.12.2021, 10:07
According to the British humanitarian organization Christian Aid, the greatest damage in 2021 was caused by Hurricane Ida in the United States.
15.11.2021, 15:22
The Kamchatka Laboratory will become an association of leading Far Eastern centers and will form a bank of living organisms.
02.11.2021, 16:25
The United States continues to support reforms in Ukraine and the territorial integrity of the country.
02.11.2021, 12:45

The project to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to 2020 was supported by Brazil, among others.

12.10.2021, 11:30
According to their estimates, this will indirectly lead to the death of 180 thousand people.
06.10.2021, 13:50
A German scientist and his American colleague have won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis.
05.10.2021, 16:29
Global ecologists have noted the changes in the attitude of the Russian president to the issues of global warming.
14.09.2021, 10:19
More than 20 countries can join the agreement.
23.08.2021, 13:18
This was stated at the operational meeting by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.
11.08.2021, 17:30

Local media reported that 25 of the 65 dead were military personnel.

11.08.2021, 16:25

The scale of the oil spill is significantly underestimated, according to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

11.08.2021, 13:17

The thermometer will rise to 48 degrees Celsius.

08.07.2021, 16:14
According to Plenipotentiary Vladimir Ustinov, Ukraine deliberately creates conditions for the deterioration of the environmental situation in Crimea.


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