OREANDA-NEWS  A Red Wings airline plane flying from Turkey abruptly changed course and landed in another place due to a breakdown. This was reported by the Telegram channel Aviatorschina.

According to the portal, the Boeing 777 followed the Antalya — Yekaterinburg route on the evening of September 17. Over the Caspian Sea, the pilots of the Russian airliner reported a failure of the right engine and dropped to an altitude of 7,600 meters. At the same time, the crew did not send a distress signal.

After 1.5 hours, the plane landed safely in Aktobe, Kazakhstan. As the channel clarifies, passengers were escorted to the airport. The forced landing was explained to them by a technical malfunction of the aircraft.

Earlier, about 200 passengers on a flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to Moscow were left without luggage after arriving at Sheremetyevo. Presumably, the suitcases of tourists were forgotten in the Egyptian air harbor.