OREANDA-NEWS Georgia in August, after the entry into force of restrictions on the export and re-export of passenger cars manufactured in the United States, delivered 85 cars to Russia, which is 12 times less than a month earlier. This is evidenced by the data of the National Statistics Service of Georgia.

According to the ministry, from January to August 2023, Georgia exported 4,925 cars to Russia. In July, 1,054 cars were delivered to Russia. Compared to August 2022, car deliveries decreased by 8.6 times.

In the total volume of exports of goods from Georgia for the first eight months, passenger cars account for the largest share - 33.5% ($ 1.36 billion). This category of goods remains the main one in imports - 19.7% ($1.95 billion). As for the import of cars from the United States, in August this figure amounted to 15,611 cars, which is slightly less than the data for July (15,767).

Since August 1, the Georgian authorities have imposed restrictions on the export and re-export to the Russian Federation of cars manufactured in the United States due to the 11th package of EU sanctions against Russia. From September 26, similar restrictions will come into force for cars imported to Georgia from Europe.