OREANDA-NEWS  Ukraine offers NATO to use the airspace near Crimea for air operations. This information is reported by the news agency "Crimea. Realities".

On February 10, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reported that discussion between the head of the department Vladyslav Krykliy and NATO Deputy Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning Patrick Turner took place.

Kiev offered NATO to use the airspace in the Simferopol Flight Information Region. It includes the space over the area of Ukraine and the open waters of the Black Sea, where Kiev is responsible for servicing the traffic within the framework of international treaties.

Ukraine suggests to exploit this part of the Ukrainian airspace for NATO actions to transport forces, shipment, cargo, etc.

Earlier, the United States allowed its airlines to fly in certain region of the Simferopol Flight Information Region. This is the airspace that covers Crimea, as well as a significant part of the Kherson region and the Black Sea.