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29.06.2022, 13:38
Slovakia to Replace Soviet BMPs with Swedish ones
10.03.2022, 14:14
Next week, from March 14 to March 18, AvtoVAZ will resume production of cars at its main enterprise in Togliatti.
01.03.2022, 11:50
Alexander Ponomarenko, co-owner and chairman of the Board of Directors of Sheremetyevo Airport, will resign "due to the circumstances." On the eve of the businessman was included in the EU sanctions list.
01.03.2022, 11:43
Roscosmos was skeptical about the prospect of Russia's participation in the International Space Station (ISS) program after 2024, the company's press service told RBC.
17.02.2022, 12:41
The head of "Roscosmos", Dmitry Rogozin, took the initiative to retrofit the launch complex of Russian "Soyuz" rockets located at the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana.
17.02.2022, 10:23
"Rolf" car dealer and its founder Sergey Petrov were ordered to pay 19.4 billion rubles in favor of the state.
14.02.2022, 15:01
The air defense forces of the Israeli army (IDF) opened fire on a drone that entered the country's airspace from the territory of Lebanon.
07.02.2022, 10:49
The Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) "Energia" (part of "Roscosmos") has patented a method that allows a spacecraft to reach the International Space Station (ISS) in about two hours, the head of the corporation's ballistics department, Rafail Murtazin, told TASS.
03.02.2022, 17:01
Roman Protasevich, the co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the "NEXTA" Telegram-channel detained in Belarus, is preparing a lawsuit against "Ryanair". He stated this in a video message on Youtube.
03.02.2022, 14:25
In the Netherlands, the 19th century "Koningshaven" bridge will be partially dismantled so that the new yacht of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos worth €430 million can pass along the river.
21.09.2021, 17:08
Volkswagen plans to develop a new electric SUV, for which the famous Scout name can be revived.
23.04.2021, 21:20
Italian rail and urban transport workers will go on a nationwide strike on 23 April at the call of the Orsa union, demanding that the authorities provide them with an urgent vaccination against COVID-19.
22.03.2021, 16:15
Nissan is withdrawing more than 4.4 thousand cars of the Nissan Pathfinder model in Russia due to possible problems with brake lights.
10.03.2021, 10:47
Elon Musk, american entrepreneur and founder of Tesla and SpaceX, explained the reason for the explosion of the Starship spacecraft prototype.
10.02.2021, 17:57
Ukraine offers NATO to use the airspace near Crimea for air operations. This information is reported by the news agency "Crimea. Realities".


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