OREANDA-NEWS Residents of Ingushetia went to protest to the Parliament building in Magas. This happened after the approval of the agreement on the border with Chechnya. The building started shooting. It is reported By the Russian service Of the BBC.

 "At 10: 40 there were from 5 thousand to 10 thousand participants, and people continue to arrive. People protest against the ratification of the agreement signed by the head of the Republic on the transfer of part of the territory of the Republic under the control of the Chechen authorities," Ruslan Mutsolgov said.

According to Mutsolgov, at the moment when the head of the Republic Yunus-Bek Evkurov came out, an empty bottle flew into him from the crowd, after which the security forces opened fire into the air.

The video, which heard the shooting, was posted on Facebook by eyewitnesses.

RTVi TV channel also confirms the data that about 10 thousand people took part in the rally near the Ingushetia Parliament building. Protesters are accompanied by mounted police. Participants of the meeting have flags of Ingushetia with them, some participants of the meeting shout "Allah Akbar".

Assistant-Advisor of the head of Ingushetia Artem Perekhrist confirmed that the police fired in the air during a protest. "There was a spontaneous meeting. There were special instigators who differed in a certain appearance even. One of them threw a bottle from the crowd to the side, the crowd jerked, there were several shots in the air from law enforcement. And everyone calmed down, " he explained.

According to this information, after the meeting of the People's Assembly to the protesters left the head of the Republic Yunus-Bek Evkurov. "The head came out and had a talk. We agreed that now a group of activists will gather up to ten people, and they will come to the administration, calmly communicate," he added.

"The gathered demanded: to carry out repeated vote in National Assembly, to punish the persons who falsified results of vote of deputies, Evkurov Yunus-Beka — in resignation"

Before the protest, the deputies of the people's Assembly of Ingushetia approved an agreement on the establishment of the administrative border of the Republic with Chechnya. The meeting was attended by 25 members, 17 of them voted in favor, three opposed, and five abstentions. The Chechen Parliament approved the agreement unanimously. The document on the consolidation of the administrative border was signed on September 26 in Magas by the heads of the two republics Ramzan Kadyrov and Yunus-Bek Evkurov. On October 4, the agreement was ratified by the parliaments of the republics.