OREANDA-NEWS   Australia has imposed new restrictive measures because of new Covid-19 cluster, which is able to derail one of the world’s most successful tries to win the virus

Officials confirmed on Tuesday that five cases of the new strain, first identified in India, were found in the northern suburbs of the city.

To prevent further spread of the virus, James Merlino, Victoria’s acting premier, declared about new restrictions of movement. He said that from 6pm on Tuesday people 12 years of age or older would have to wear masks when indoors. And he also added that only five visitors would be allowed to visit people’s homes.

In health experts' opinions, low vaccination rates in the Asia Pacific and people's assuredness have left some countries vulnerable to outbreak of the disease, in spite of the fact the US and Europe begin reopening their economies.

Peter Doherty, who won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1996, said Australia’s success in limiting community spread of Covid-19 had led to some overconfidence that the pandemic could be handled without vaccination. He warned about the danger and compared this situation with Taiwan, where were a few cases of the outbreak at first but then they had a substantial Covid's growth.