16.06.2022, 10:06
Prices for Insulin in Syringe Pens to Rise to 28%
23.03.2022, 13:08

Roszdravnadzor Statement on Sufficient Quantity of Drugs in Stockpiles

18.01.2022, 16:45
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Said That the Russian Government Has a New Plan to Combat the Infectious Threat, Taking Into Account the Spread of a New Strain of Omicron
01.06.2021, 14:15
The National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China and the Chinese division of the WHO have made an official statement about the dangers of vapes in a joint report, according to the Chinese edition of Sixth Tone on May 28.
01.06.2021, 10:49

Georgia opens land borders from June 1, previously closed due to coronavirus

01.06.2021, 10:27

All those who came into contact with the infected were placed under medical supervision, there are no cases among them yet.

01.06.2021, 09:53
The intelligence department of Great Britain now considers a possibility of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus’ leaking from the laboratory, according to The Sunday Times
28.05.2021, 17:08

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there are 391,637 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Belarus, over the last 24 hours a further 1,434 patients have been diagnosed, the Minsk-Novosti correspondent was told at the Ministry of Health.

28.05.2021, 12:45

Oxford University is trying to bring together academic, industry and government experts from around the world to use the lessons learned from COVID-19 in the fight against future pandemics.

25.05.2021, 20:36
United Airlines is offering vaccinated customers a shot at winning free travel as the carrier joins a national effort to get more Americans immunized against COVID-19 and derail a pandemic behind the deaths of nearly 590,000 Americans.
25.05.2021, 15:41

Russia Has Reopened an Air Communicatiom With Five More Countries From May 25. Tourists from today have an opportunity to visit
Iceland, Malta, Mexico, Portugal and Saudi Arabia. It is reported on the official website of the Russian government.

25.05.2021, 12:11
Australia has reintroduced social distancing restrictions in Melbourne following the discovery of a Covid-19 cluster that experts warn risks derailing one of the world’s most successful efforts to suppress the virus.
20.05.2021, 18:04
Yale researchers have discovered the main reason why coronavirus infection causes long-term complications.
20.05.2021, 11:58
in India, an epidemic of a deadly disease has been declared against the background of a pandemic. Fungal disease can affect the nasopharynx, eyes, in advanced cases leads to tissue necrosis and brain damage.
23.04.2021, 21:18
The production of vaccines against coronavirus in the European Union is growing and even exceeding expectations. This information was reported by the European Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides.


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