OREANDA-NEWS Washington continues to present its partners with fakes, accusing Moscow of new violations Of the Treaty on Intermediate-Range Missiles, told Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

"All we hear is nothing more than the propaganda framing of the us destructive line, nothing more than an attempt to cover with sweet glaze an empty position that does not contain substantive work with us. This is all fed to us colleagues in NATO as the ultimate truth,"he said, commenting on the new claims to Russia on the eve of non-compliance with the agreement.

According to Ryabkov, the Russian side consistently exposes such approaches and methods of Washington.

"We will continue to emphasize that this icing sugar, powder is worth nothing: no test content, no substance at all. It's fake. These are illusionists in the field of arms control policy, who are trying to mislead NATO allies and the international community as a whole," the Deputy foreign Minister said.

The diplomat stressed that the United States still has not provided Moscow with an explanation why they believe that the 9m729 missile system violates the INF Treaty.

Ryabkov noted that Russia does not understand the current us line under the agreement, it is unclear whether Washington wants to break it or intends to work together to preserve it.

"The US must turn to its own aspects of the implementation of the Treaty in order to ensure its survival. If they are not ready for this, if we continue to observe the desire to shift the whole situation from a sick head to a healthy one, then we will naturally conclude that the US does not need the INF TREATY, it confuses the US hand and foot in the development of such systems," the diplomat added.

In recent years Moscow and Washington have regularly accused each other of violating the INF Treaty. Russia has repeatedly stressed that it strictly complies with its obligations under the Treaty. According to foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the allegations about the violation of Moscow's INF Treaty unfounded, rocket 9М729 has been tested at the permitted contract range.