OREANDA-NEWS  The peak of sales of books about Afghanistan by the American writer of Afghan origin Khaled Hosseini fell on August 16, the day after the seizure of power in this country by members of the radical “Taliban” movement as “Liters” told . 

"At the same time, Hosseini's book sales peaked on August 16, when twice as many of the writer's books were sold than the day before, and four times more than on any of the days in the previous week", - the message says.

The growth of interest in the books of the popular American writer of Afghan origin Khaled Hosseini was recorded from 14 to 16 August against the backdrop of events in Afghanistan. Sales have tripled on average.

Hosseini was born in 1965 in Kabul, he is the son of an Afghan diplomat. In 1980, his family became eligible for political asylum in the United States. The action of his novels unfolds against the backdrop of the tragic events taking place in Afghanistan, in which heroes - ordinary people - become victims of political upheavals and wars.