OREANDA-NEWS The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez and the Head of the armed forces Committee Jack reed sent a letter to President Donald Trump demanding to give Congress the opportunity to interrogate his translators. This publication reports The Hill, citing a letter to senators, available.

Representatives of the Democratic party in a letter to Trump indicate that the committees of Congress should interrogate his interpreters who participated in the meetings of the American leader with President Vladimir Putin, "especially the one who translated the meeting in Helsinki." The senators put forward such a requirement to Trump "because of the preservation of the level of secrecy around your meetings with the Russian leader."

Menendez and Reid emphasize that Trump insisted on the secrecy of the talks with Putin that is causing them concern and may be a sign of violation of the legislation on presidential and Federal records.

"We believe that in the interests of US national security, any records of these conversations should be preserved and immediately submitted to Congress," the senators note.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Trump deliberately hides the details of his conversations with Putin. According to the newspaper, during a meeting with the Russian President at the G20 summit in Hamburg, he instructed the interpreter not to discuss the details of the conversation with officials from the administration and tried to seize his records. After that, ABC learned that members of the House of Representatives intend to call for questioning interpreters who participated in the meeting of Putin and Trump in Hamburg.

The summit of Putin and Trump in Helsinki was held in July 2018, following which both leaders expressed satisfaction with the meeting. The presidents discussed the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, touched upon the nuclear deal with Iran and the issue of gas transit. Putin called the conversation with Trump "very meaningful", in turn, Trump considered the meeting "a good start."