OREANDA-NEWS. State Duma Speaker Viacheslav Volodin instructed to create a working group on the legal regulation of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

This topic was raised at a parliamentary meeting on Thursday. LDPR deputy Andrei Lugovoi said that after the adoption last year of the law on digital financial assets in the regulation of cryptocurrency, the country "has been standing still for a year and a half." In his opinion, it is necessary to decide on the taxation of bitcoin mining, especially by individuals who use cheap electricity subsidized by the state for their enrichment. The deputy also drew attention to the "lack of legal regulation" of cryptocurrency, which is why, according to him, "law enforcement agencies generally fall into a dead end." At the same time, the deputy pointed out that it will not be possible to simply prohibit the cryptocurrency, since "it is a virtual reality", therefore, it should be completely legalized and subsequently controlled.

Volodin noted that Lugovoi's proposals are related to two committees, including the committee on property issues. In this regard, he proposed to create a new profile group "from representatives of profile committees."

Also in Russia they are thinking about taxes on cryptocurrency mining. They want to equate cryptocurrency mining with entrepreneurship, include it in the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED) and regulate the procedure for paying taxes. The Ministry of Economic Development proposed to take such a step. The initiative was supported by the State Duma and the Ministry of Energy. The legalization of mining can be beneficial to the state, and the exit from the unregulated legal zone will benefit the entire cryptocurrency industry, according to these structures. However, the Bank of Russia is categorically against the appearance of “monetary surrogates” in the country and did not support the government's position.