OREANDA-NEWS. Arco Vara AS and other entities of Arco Vara group (hereafter together ‘the group’) are engaged in real estate development and services related to real estate. The group regards Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria as its home markets. The group has two business lines: Service division and Development division.

The Service division is engaged in real estate brokerage, valuation, management and consulting as well as in short-term investment in residential real estate. The Service division offers to the group additional value by generating analytical data on market demand and supply, also behaviour of potential clients. Analytical data allows making better decisions on real estate development: on purchase of land plots, planning and designing, pricing end products also on timing the start of construction.

The Development division develops complete living environments and commercial real estate. Fully developed housing solutions are sold to the end-consumer. In some cases the group is developing also commercial properties until they start generating cash flow for two possible purposes: for the support of the groups’ cash flows or for resale. The group is currently holding completed commercial properties that generate rental income.

As at 30 June 2016, the group comprised 23 companies, which is two less than at the end of year 2015. On 19 February 2016, the group’s subsidiary Fineprojekti  was deregistered in Estonian Commercial Register, the liquidation process was started in 2014. The liquidation also resulted in derecognitionof Romanian subsidiary Arco Capital Real Estate SRL from the group’s structure. In Q1 2016, the group’s interest in Bulgarian real estate fund Arco Real Estate Fund REIT was increased from 70% up to 100% and the share capital of the fund was additionally increased by 77 thousand euros. In April 2016, the group sold 100% subsidiary Arco BB EOOD in Bulgaria and in May 2016 the group purchased 100% subsidiary Iztok Parkside EOOD in Bulgaria. None of these transactions had significant impact on the group’s net assets.