OREANDA-NEWS. Britain and its allies will prepare sanctions to be imposed on the Russian financial sector in the event of a Russian "invasion" of Ukraine. This was announced on Thursday, January 6, by the Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom Liz Truss, speaking in the House of Commons of the British Parliament.

“We have made it clear that any further military incursion into Ukraine’s territory will have massive consequences, including the coordinated application of sanctions, which will seriously affect Russian interests and the country's economy,” Truss said.

The sanctions will target the Russian financial sector and individuals. The UK will continue to provide Ukraine with the necessary economic and security support, Truss added.

On January 3, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov announced that US President Joe Biden had no plans to impose sanctions on Russia, since then the United States would have no political and economic leverage over the Kremlin. In addition, the senator noted that with the introduction of the US "hellish" sanctions, the position of Russia will be complicated, but this "will give it a complete free hand."

On December 31, Biden announced that he had warned Russian President Vladimir Putin during negotiations about the inadmissibility of military action against Ukraine. This will lead to sanctions and an increase in the US presence in Europe, the American president explained. Putin responded by warning against new restrictions, pointing out that this could lead to a break in relations between the two powers.

A few days earlier, US Vice President Kamala Harris said that due to the situation around Ukraine, the Russian Federation may face unprecedented sanctions.

Russian-American talks on strategic stability and security issues will take place on January 10.