OREANDA-NEWS. The incomes of the population of Russia will decrease by 14% by 2035, if there is no "green" transformation of the economy, said the head of Sberbank German Gref at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). Broadcasts from VEF are available on the Smortim media platform.

"The income of the population, unfortunately, may fall if everything moves without any changes, by 14% and 5 trillion rubles. These are budget losses, total losses of the Russian budget," Gref said.

“I would name several key risks. These are a drop in export earnings, a decline in employment, the problem of single-industry towns, the potential loss of our leadership in the global energy sector due to the fact that sources will be different.

Fifth is the loss of budget revenues. Sixth, these are potential problems in the absence of transformation in energy companies, including potential bankruptcies of a number of these companies, "Gref explained.

Sberbank predicts that Russia's energy exports may fall by $ 179 billion by 2035 due to the transition of the world economy to "green" energy sources. By 2050, exports can be reduced by $ 192 billion.

It is necessary "to do, and this needs to be done, of course, two maneuvers: first of all, other methods of processing. These are gas chemistry and petrochemistry, and the transformation of these technologies into more environmentally friendly systems ... Then we will be able to see different numbers," Gref said.

According to the forecast of Sberbank, the production of oil and gas condensate in Russia may decrease with the energy transfer by 72%, gas - by 52%, coal - by 90%.