OREANDA-NEWS  The ruble has almost tripled its position in Turkey's export calculations over the year, according to RIA Novosti calculations based on data from the republic's state service.

The position of the Russian currency improved to 0.29 percent from 0.11 percent a year earlier, but in terms of use in calculations for Turkey's exports, it continues to hold sixth place.

The share of the dollar in the first eight months of this year decreased by 3.62 percentage points to 45.77 percent. The main beneficiary of this fall was the euro, whose share immediately jumped by 2.59 percentage points to 47.49 percent. This allowed the "European" to become the main currency for payments for Turkish goods, and the dollar dropped to second place.

The Turkish lira has greatly increased its share — by one percentage point at once, which allowed it to gain a foothold in third place with a share of 3.71 percent. In fourth place is the pound sterling, whose share decreased by 0.23 percentage points to 2.16 percent. The top five is rounded out by the Polish zloty, whose share has grown to 0.32 percent from 0.23 percent.