OREANDA-NEWS. On Thursday, July 11, the famous heavyweight Denis Lebedev announced his retirement.  Former world champion in the first heavy weight in several versions at once in the professional ring had 34 fights (32 wins, 23 of them by knockout and 2 losses).  There was another fight in which Lebedev lost to Guillermo Jones, but he was declared invalid because of a failed doping test by a Panamanian.

 “Denis Lebedev made a great contribution to the development of boxing, was the champion in two versions. He made a decision, but I think he could still box. In any case, the Russian Boxing Federation is ready to support him in any of his endeavors,” said the Secretary General  Boxing Federation of Russia Umar Kremlev.

 Valuev said that the timeliness of the decision to end a career is always decided only by the boxer himself.  “If Denis makes such a decision, then there is no point in discussing it - as if something will change from this.  It is always necessary to leave on time, ”Valuev said, adding that otherwise the athlete could lose his health or image.

 In the professional ring, Lebedev made his debut in 2001 as a light heavyweight.  In this division, the boxer spent 13 successful fights, after which he decided to leave the sport.  But in 2008, after almost four years, he returned to the ring and began performing in the “Cruisers”.  In 2010, Lebedev for the first time entered the championship fight when he lost to the Hook with the WBO belt with a split decision.  Then this verdict caused a lot of controversy.

 “As a real man, husband and father, I have to concentrate on my large family and try to pay attention to my closest people as much as possible,” the athlete said.