OREANDA-NEWS The president of the Russian MMA Union Fedor Emelianenko said that he would like to hold a boxing match against the former absolute world champion American Mike Tyson.

In February, Emelianenko announced his retirement from MMA after losing to American Ryan Bader at the Bellator tournament.

"We showed Mike Tyson's fight with Roy Jones, it would be interesting (to have a fight) with Mike Tyson. He competed in the heavyweight division, he has an iconic name. I would like to fight. There are different stories about Tyson in Russia, from time to time videos are posted where he is in good shape, hits his paws. But, on the other hand, they say that he got carried away with his business (selling marijuana) and to some extent abuses (laughs)," Emelianenko said on the air of the YouTube show The MMA Hour.

The Russian agreed with the journalist's proposal to hold a duel with Tyson on October 28 in Saudi Arabia, where the main event of the evening will be a fight between world boxing champion Tyson Fury and ex-champion of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) Francis Ngannou. Emelianenko also spoke about the fight in which American MMA fighter, former UFC representative Nate Diaz lost to blogger Jake Paul in his debut boxing match.

"Yes, I watched this fight. I don't watch all the fights, but I watched this fight. Jake Paul is growing up, compared to the first fights he had. And so it was clear that he was boxing well. Plus, it was also successful. He had several knockouts against MMA stars. I don't know by what principle Paul chooses his opponents, as I understand it, he chooses opponents who are convenient for him, less than himself. I myself didn't think (about the fight with Paul). I don't think he'll agree. Do I fit him more in size? That is why he will not agree," Emelianenko said.

Emelianenko has won 40 victories and suffered seven defeats during his professional career. He is a former champion of the Pride promotion in heavyweight, has been repeatedly recognized by various experts and the media as the best fighter in the history of MMA. Tyson has had 58 fights in his career, won 50 victories (44 by knockout), suffered six defeats, two fights were declared invalid.