OREANDA-NEWS. The average price of a liter of gasoline in Russia for the period 1 to 7 July increased by 2 kopecks and in At the site of the multifunctional complex “Ufa-Arena”, there was a ceremony of lighting the fire of 53-year-old International Children's Games, raising the flag of games, a parade of participants of the competition and a presentation by members of the Committee of International Children's Games, as well as a festive concert program.

 Contrary to the organizers' statement about the open for all shows, the entrance to the International Children's Games in Ufa was only by ticket.  The organizers said that the media were responsible for the incident, which spread unverified information.

 In the ceremony, the organizers used one half of the Ufa-Arena, the second was closed to the public, and artists and other participants of the show were preparing there.  This just caused a rather ambiguous reaction of citizens - since the entrance to the opening ceremony was exclusively for invited persons and during media accreditation from different countries.

 The organizer quickly looked around and asked the visitors to wait.  Inspired citizens, among whom, by the way, there were almost no children, moved to the security framework.  Later, the representative again went out and ordered the guards to skip everyone.