OREANDA-NEWS. In the capital of Japan, by a special order of the Prime Minister of the country, Yoshihide Sugi, an emergency regime was introduced. It will be observed until August 22, and the 2020 Summer Olympic Games are to begin in Tokyo on the 23rd.

The authorities of the Land of the Rising Sun introduced an emergency regime in Tokyo due to a sharp increase in cases of infection with the COVID-19 virus in the metropolitan area: the day before, Tokyo recorded the largest number of people affected after the spring rise - 920 cases.

In connection with the changing situation in Japan, the International Olympic Committee and the organizers of the Tokyo Games must make a new decision on the admission of fans to sports facilities. If the Olympics are not canceled, then, most likely, the competitions in the capital of Japan and the nearest prefectures will be held without spectators. The form is scheduled for July 23 - August 8.

As reported on July 7, the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo risk losing the existing quota of 10 thousand fans who may be in the competition stadiums. Now the Japanese authorities are proposing to cut the maximum allowable limit by half.

According to the Kyodo edition, the proposed measures of the country's government are related to the epidemiological situation in Japan. Now the country believes that the previously made decision can no longer be safe for fans visiting Olympic venues.

It is also known that the organizers of the Games are planning to introduce restrictions on events starting after 21:00 local time. They want to be held without spectators at all, including the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament.