OREANDA-NEWS. Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov shared the details of his upcoming wedding.

It is known that skier Anna Zherebyatyeva will become Bolshunov's wife.

Bolshunov in an interview with Match TV said that his wedding celebration will take place soon, the wedding will take place on April 24th. According to him, his chosen one, Anna, began preparing for the wedding six months ago, but he "does not go into these matters." Alexander Bolshunov's wedding will be in the Norwegian style. Bolshunov added that he had not yet chosen his suit for the wedding celebration.

Earlier it was reported that Bolshunov invited Klebo to the wedding. So the Russian skier added that they do not yet have information about the arrival of Johannes Klebo, because the Norwegians are afraid of a pandemic. In response to the question, could Emil Iversen act as a toastmaster, Bolshunov replied that he would have done it, but they did not invite him.

The head of the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation, Elena Vyalbe, expressed her admiration for Bolshunov's bride. She said that she "admires Bolshunov's bride Anna" and wants to say huge words of gratitude to her. Elena Vyalbe noted: “Knowing Alexander's feelings, actually putting an end to herself as an athlete, she does everything to help him in some way, so that his everyday life would be easier, so that he would not think about anything once again. it seems that she understands how he breathes, and understands whether she can approach him or not. For me she is really a Decembrist. I think that Anya and I were very lucky. I am glad that next to him there is such a person to whom he is completely trusts and whom he loves. "

At the World Championships, which took place recently in Oberstdorf, Germany, Bolshunov won gold in the skiathlon, won silver in the mass start and relay, as well as bronze in the team sprint.