OREANDA-NEWS. Natalya Nepryaeva became the first Russian skier to win the overall standings of the Tour de Ski.

During the 10 km freestyle mass start, which became the last, sixth stage of the race, the Russian woman came to the finish line fourth. As a result, Nepryaeva remained the leader in the overall standings.

A day earlier, Nepryaeva finished first in the 10 km mass start. The skier covered this distance in 29 minutes and 51.3 seconds.

The Norwegian Heidi Veng came second to the finish line, Krista Pärmyakoski from Finland is on the third line, adds the Sport-Express website.

Earlier, on January 1, it was reported that Russian skiers did not manage to break into the final of the Tour de Ski sprint, despite the success of Alexander Bolshunov in the mass start, where he became the second.

Russians Ivan Yakimushkin, Artem Maltsev and Ilya Semikov dropped out in the quarterfinals, Alexander Bolshunov, Alexander Terentyev and Gleb Retivykh - in the semifinals of the ski race in Oberstdorf, Germany.

The Tour de Ski is part of the World Cup, which includes mass starts, pursuit and time trial races in both classic and free style.

The multi-day competition has been running since December 28, with a total of six races.