OREANDA-NEWS Russian athletes won all the gold medals that were played on Thursday at the swimming competitions at the II CIS Games in Minsk.

Sofia Dyakova won the gold medal in the 400 m freestyle, Ksenia Misharina took second place. Victoria Mironova became the best in the 100 m butterfly. Victoria Blinova overcame the 200 m breaststroke the fastest, Elena Shalnova won silver.

Roman Zhidkov won the 100 m freestyle, Andrey Cherepkov was the second. Yaroslav Loze won the 200 m backstroke, Alexander Kononov became the bronze medalist. Anatoly Gusenkov won the 200 m complex swimming. The Russian national team also won two relay races - 4 x 100 m freestyle among women and at a similar distance for men.

Alina Lisitsa, Kristina Ermakova and Valeria Ganakova as part of the Russian national team won the gold medal in the team competition in small-caliber pistol shooting from 25 meters. The second and third places were taken by the national teams of Belarus. Ganakova became the winner of the competition in the individual championship.