OREANDA-NEWS  The General Assembly of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF) has supported the inclusion of the Russian Chess Federation (FSHR) in its membership. This was reported by TASS. As Mark Glukhovsky, who is responsible for the international direction in the FSHR, explained to the agency, the transition will be finally approved in May.

During the meeting in Abu Dhabi, 29 delegates voted for the entry of the FSHR, one against, 6 abstained.

On March 16, 2022, the Council of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) banned Russian national teams from participating in their tournaments due to the military operation in Ukraine. On April 14 of the same year, the Supervisory Board of the FSHR decided to switch to ACF. On February 22 of this year, the decision was approved by FIDE. Thus, the FSHR will be the first Russian sports structure that, against the background of sanctions, will change its European registration to an Asian one.