OREANDA-NEWS. The cat Achilles, whom the Hermitage staff consider to be a real football oracle, made another prediction in the main museum of St. Petersburg: the snow-white cat predictor chose the side of the latter in the match of group "E" Slovakia - Poland.

The Hermitage staff, who traditionally take care of the oracle cat, provided him with two bowls of food, next to which were miniature flags of Poland and Slovakia. Achilles chose food under Polish red and white flowers.

As previously reported, Achilles became a predictor of all Euro 2020 matches that will take place in St. Petersburg. A snow-white, but deaf cat, previously lived within the walls of the Hermitage, but since July 2018 he has a family.

He was an oracle during the 2017 Confederations Football Cup, RIA Novosti recalls. Achilles also played the role of a predictor of the results of the matches of the 2018 World Cup, which took place at the stadiums of our country. He was chosen by the oracle from the large flock of cats in the Hermitage as the most stress-resistant and sociable.

It is noted that Achilles already has the experience of a predictor. He was the oracle of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. In addition, the cat correctly predicted the results of the Olympics and Eurovision. As an oracle, Achilles is formalized. The cat has the necessary papers, as well as a fan passport.