OREANDA-NEWS  The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach has made a new statement about the possible return of Russian athletes to world tournaments. This is reported by Xinhua.

According to him, the organization is doing everything possible for athletes from Russia and Belarus to start performing on the international stage again. "We are working closely with the international federations that are responsible for the competitions, and we very much hope that this mission will be carried out under previously established conditions so that athletes can compete in a neutral status," Bach said.

On March 28, the IOC recommended that Belarusians and Russians who did not support the special operation in Ukraine be allowed to compete in a neutral status. At the same time, athletes from Russia and Belarus associated with the armed forces or security agencies of their countries are recommended to be suspended from participating in the starts. It was noted that teams from these countries cannot be considered as participants in the competition.

At the end of February 2022, most sports organizations suspended the national teams of Russia and Belarus on the recommendation of the IOC. The decision on the participation of representatives of these countries in the 2024 Olympics has not yet been made.