OREANDA-NEWS. Olympic figure skating champion, Canadian Megan Duhamel has been accused of racism after speaking out against Russian figure skater Anna Shcherbakova. The Canadian called the athlete from Russia "looking very sickly."

In an interview with Youtube channel The Skating Lesson, Duhamel stated: “She's so fragile. I can't enjoy her skating because she looks very painful. I wish the winner was a versatile person and enjoyed victories. It shouldn't be for her. torture. "

Soon after the publication of the material on the channel, Duhamel admitted on her Twitter account that accusations of racism were raining down on her.

Her reaction to this was as follows: "I was sure that I said only positive things about each skater discussed. I was called racist only because of my words that Shcherbakova looked painful. But she herself, like her team, openly stated about several cases of her diseases. It is a fact, "- she wrote on Twitter.

It is recalled that in November 2020, Shcherbakova suffered pneumonia, due to which she withdrew from the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix.

Olympic champion Calgary-1988 in ice dancing Natalya Bestemyanova also commented on the words of Canadian Megan Duhamel about Anna Shcherbakova. She said: “The phrase by Duhamel about Shcherbakova's sick appearance is simply ridiculous. She made herself look stupid. How painful she looked, we just could not dream. If Duhamel believes that Shcherbakova looks painful, then Megan is a very low-profile professional. "