OREANDA-NEWS Spain in fact won only one match in the tournament in regulation time. The team drew twice in the group stage and were even tied twice after 90 minutes of the playoff match (followed by victories in extra time). And only Slovakia was defeated by the Spaniards in regulation time.

Italy, on the contrary, was content with a draw in just one game - after the end of two halves in the 1/8 finals, Austria managed to keep 0: 0 on the scoreboard, but failed in the third half. In the remaining four games, the Italians were ahead of their opponents after 90 minutes.

Both teams have one injured player. Scuadra Azura has Leonardo Spinnaziola, who was extremely important for Italy in the past games. The midfielder tore his Achilles tendon.

Spain will have to do without Pablo Sarabia. In the first two games, he sat on the bench, but, starting with the third, he became a player in the first team.

The history of face-to-face confrontation is very rich and there is one interesting moment in it: the away team won only once. It was back in 1920. Since then, for a century, the home team have won or tied. Italy will be the nominal host of the field.

In the last 10 games, there have been 5 draws, 3 victories on the account of Spain and 2 on the account of Italy.