OREANDA-NEWS. Part of the slogan of the Ukrainian collaborators "Glory to the Heroes" will remain on the shirts of the Ukrainian national team. The Ukrainian Football Association refused to comply with the UEFA requirement.

The UAF decided to give official status to the slogans "Glory to Ukraine" and "Glory to Heroes", which were used by Nazi collaborators during the Great Patriotic War. At the same time, on the eve of UEFA demanded to remove the second part of the slogan, as clearly political and militaristic.

Thus, Ukraine ignored UEFA's demand, and its national team will compete at Euro 2020 in T-shirts with a clearly provocative design. The reaction of the Union of European Football Associations to this willfulness has not yet followed.

The Ukrainian national team placed on their jerseys the contours of a country map depicting Russian Crimea. Also on the collar was the slogan "Glory to Ukraine - Glory to Heroes" used by Ukrainian collaborators. The Russian Football Union sent a complaint to UEFA about the provocative actions of the UAF .. UEFA, in turn, demanded to remove the phrase "Hero of glory" from the shirts.

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov commented on the situation with the inscriptions "Glory to Ukraine" and "Glory to the Heroes" on the uniform of the Ukrainian national football team: this is "not really UEFA's business", as these slogans, in his words, do not offend anyone's feelings.