OREANDA-NEWS  As the survey of the research center "Salaries.ru", 70% of company managers in Russia attract self-employed people to work. Most often they are used for courier delivery. 23% of respondents refuse to cooperate with the self-employed.

The survey was conducted in January 2023. It was attended by 1,680 Russian heads of organizations and heads of departments of companies aged 25-55 years. 

According to the survey, 50% of respondents turn to the self-employed at least once every six months. 40% of respondents work with them regularly, 10% — as specific tasks arise. 53% of respondents are considering the possibility of resorting to their services, 20% plan to do so in the future.

Most often, the self-employed are attracted for courier delivery (34%), tasks in the field of marketing, PR and advertising (31%), in the IT sphere (30%), tasks related to design (26%), for work in accounting (21%), work related to physical labor (15%), copywriting (13%), translations (4%).

66% of respondents are convinced that it is more convenient to solve one-time project tasks with the self-employed. 53% believe that such employees are profitable from an economic point of view, 29% stated that it is easy to formalize labor relations with the self-employed. 24% of respondents turn to their services when a specialist with individual skills is needed.

23% of respondents unequivocally refused to cooperate with the self-employed in the future. Among those who do not work with the self-employed, half said that they did not have relevant tasks. 23% complained about difficulties with controlling the workflow, 17% could not find employees with the right level of competence, 10% complained about difficulties in collecting accounting documents.