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30.06.2022, 14:18
Shanghai is gradually lifting its quarantine restrictions.
30.06.2022, 11:16
The UK economy grew by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2022.
29.06.2022, 11:27
Belgian Prime Minister: NATO has Told Zelensky of a Military Solution to the Conflict in Ukraine
28.06.2022, 13:43

The State Duma of the Russian Federation ratified the Agreement between the Russian Federation and Tajikistan on cooperation in the field of pensions on Tuesday.

27.06.2022, 15:55
The Council of the EU adopted the final regulation on filling EU gas storage capacities before the winter season.
24.06.2022, 17:31
Russia is ready to ensure uninterrupted transportation of Ukrainian grain, but Kyiv’s constructive position is not enough, President Vladimir Putin said.
24.06.2022, 13:53
Ukraine is pursuing a targeted policy to saturate Russia with drugs; for several years, specially trained people were sent into the country to produce and distribute illegal substances.
23.06.2022, 10:06
Assistants to State Duma deputies were advised not to travel abroad during the holidays, Vedomosti writes, citing four sources.
21.06.2022, 15:52
The Ukrainian authorities return duties and VAT on the import of goods from July 1.
21.06.2022, 13:04
Singaporean authorities announced financial support for citizens who suffered the most from high inflation.
21.06.2022, 11:06
The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation said that Russia is facing the grows of unemployment.
17.06.2022, 16:54
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the losses of the European economy from the sanctions imposed against Russia could exceed $400 billion.
17.06.2022, 16:02
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko claimed that Belarus is intended to react to Poland's plans for Western Ukraine.
17.06.2022, 11:04

The President of the United States added that the decision on economic restrictions was the best course for Washington.

14.06.2022, 15:41
The strengthening of the ruble on the international market and the transition to import substitution will help protect Russia from external threats from Western countries.


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