OREANDA-NEWS  The Telegraph columnist Harry de Ketville, in an article for the British edition, called the new Russian hypersonic missiles the beginning of the next stage of hostilities.

According to him, the new type of weapons of the Russian troops, characterized by speed and maneuverability, pose a difficult task for defense. Ketville emphasizes that hypersonic missiles are a serious challenge for the West, as they are very difficult to shoot down.

At the same time, the journalist admitted that, despite the creation of countermeasures, missiles continue to be upgraded so that they can reach the target. From hypersonic missiles like the Russian "Zircon", Western military strategists "goosebumps run down their backs," and experts point to the serious concern of the US Navy.

"They are powerful anti—ship weapons that threaten aircraft carriers that have allowed the United States to project its power around the world," he stressed. With the development of hypersonic technologies, the destruction of such missiles may become impossible, Ketville concluded.

Earlier, British strategic analyst Howard Wheeldon said that large-scale supplies of weapons, equipment and Storm Shadow missiles for Ukraine left Britain without the necessary stock of weapons that London might need in the event of a global conflict between the West and Russia.