OREANDA-NEWS. French President Emmanuel Macron said on 7 January that he would hold talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin again in the coming days.

"We are continuing our dialogue with Russia. I have had two extensive telephone conversations with President Putin in recent weeks. And there will be another conversation in the coming days,"- he said at a press conference in Paris.

The French president also welcomed the dialogue under way between Russia and the U.S. on Ukraine.

On December 21, the politicians held telephone talks. They discussed the strengthening of stability and security on the European continent, settlement of the internal Ukrainian conflict, and Kiev's unwillingness to implement the Minsk agreements.

The Russian president stressed that the possibility of holding a new summit in the Normandy format also depended on the Kiev authorities' concrete steps.

Among other things, the heads of state expressed satisfaction with the stabilization of the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh. It is noted that Russia and France will act synchronously on these issues.

Additionally, Putin pointed to the restrictions on the Russia Today news channel. The Russian leader expressed hope that the channel will be given the same opportunities to operate without discrimination as the French media in Russia.

On 14 December, Putin and Macron also held telephone talks. The sides discussed the situation around Ukraine, as well as on Belarus' border with EU countries. During the conversation, the Russian leader cited specific examples showing Kiev's violation of the Minsk agreements.