OREANDA-NEWS Russia is open to migrant workers needed by the economy, but migration policy should be based primarily on the interests of Russians, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations.

"In migration policy, we must proceed, first of all, from the interests, of course, of our citizens in matters of security, the social sphere, and the labor market. A flexible balanced approach is very important here, which does not create risks for us, but works for the development of the country, for the country's economy," he said.

"We are open to specialists who are necessary for the domestic economy and, of course, for our compatriots, for people close to us in culture, language, religion, for those who, not by their own will, suddenly found themselves outside of one big, united country in 1991, but always They considered and continue to consider Russia their historical homeland," the head of state noted.

According to him, it is easier for Russia than other countries to work in this direction, "because, after all, migrants are from the former republics of the Soviet Union", close to Russia in culture.

"And our task is to work "on distant approaches", to work directly in those countries from where the main migration flow comes. I would like to note that the leadership of these countries is also ready to work together with us. We are talking about opening Russian schools, about working more closely with our public organizations, with rational associations of Russia, and here we have many opportunities to solve this task quite effectively," Putin said.

"The absolute requirement for everyone who comes to Russia to work and study is respect for our traditions, compliance with the norms and rules of Russian society," he said.

He also urged to take into account which region of Russia migrants come to: "You need to know the all-Russian rules and regulations, but also those regions where a person comes."