OREANDA-NEWS  Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the plenary session of the XI Forum of the public organization "Business Russia" on Wednesday. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin.

"The key topic of the Forum will be the role of business in the implementation of national goals set for the country in the May presidential decree," the report said. The forum participants also intend to discuss measures to develop entrepreneurship, increase labor productivity, increase non-resource exports, improve the quality of infrastructure, improve education and health care, training for Russian enterprises and other issues, the press service said.

The forum entitled "the Role of business in achieving national development goals" will be attended by more than 1.5 thousand people, including representatives of relevant ministries and departments, heads of regions of the Russian Federation, owners of major Russian companies and experts. As reported on the website of "Business Russia", the event will be held at the Moscow international House of music.

Putin previously noted that "Business Russia" is "one of the most authoritative organizations uniting entrepreneurs". At a meeting with the head of "Business Russia" Alexei Repik in November 2018, the Russian President praised the initiatives on business participation in the implementation of national projects. "Only by joining forces we can achieve the desired result for all of us, for all of us: business and the state as a whole. The fact that you have focused your attention on these areas is extremely important," Putin said in an interview with Repik.

"Business Russia" is a Union of entrepreneurs working mainly in the non-primary, processing sector of the economy: in engineering, construction, light industry, agriculture and financial services, information technology and others. The organization was founded in 2001 and unites more than 3 thousand businessmen, the total number of employees of enterprises is about 1 million people.