OREANDA-NEWS  Restriction or freezing of transactions for the purchase and sale of precious metals with the participation of Russian citizens or legal entities is not currently being discussed, but their export by individuals may come under control.

Thus, the department commented on the reports of a number of telegram channels that transactions with gold and other precious metals may soon be banned in the country. The representative of the Ministry stressed that, on the contrary, the Ministry of Finance wants to develop the relevant market and make gold a full-fledged market investment product.

The prospect of restrictions is connected only with the possibility of a sharp increase in the export of precious metals by individuals. And even in this case, we will only talk about cases when the volume exceeds the permissible.

Earlier it became known that the active purchase of gold by Russians, which began after the abolition of the value added tax for these transactions, led to the fact that banks no longer have enough investment bars. Interruptions are also associated with limited production capabilities of refineries.

The day before, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Tatiana Moskalkova, reported that 35 Russian servicemen were released from Ukrainian captivity as part of an exchange with Kiev under the formula "35 to 35".

Prior to that, the prisoner exchange took place on November 3. Then 107 people were released from Ukrainian captivity, 63 of them from the DPR and LPR.

Currently, a special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continues in Ukraine. Its beginning was announced on February 24 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the purpose of the military actions is to demilitarize the neighboring country and denazify its authorities.

Meanwhile, in October, gold imports from Russia to China in physical terms doubled, to 2.16 tons, which was the largest value since 2016. Raw or semi-processed metal was taken into account in the statistics.