OREANDA-NEWS  Russia has additionally included 36 representatives of the UK in the stop list, including a number of members of the British cabinet, representatives of law enforcement agencies and journalists. This is stated in a statement issued on Thursday by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Russian diplomatic department noted that it was decided to additionally include in the Russian stop list a number of members of the Cabinet of Ministers, representatives of law enforcement agencies and the journalism corps of the United Kingdom (a total of 36 people). This was done in connection with the anti-Russian course of the UK government. The policy of a country using the mechanism of personal sanctions and conducting an intensive propaganda campaign to discredit Russia should cause the isolation of Great Britain in the international arena.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, London, having deliberately refused constructive dialogue, "continues the line of confrontation, in collaboration with Washington spreads false information about Russia, incites Russophobia." "We have to remind you that the hostile actions and aggressive rhetoric of British officials will not remain without an adequate response, and the support of the neo-Nazi Kiev regime will cost its Western masters dearly. History teaches that not everyone can perceive the obvious facts," Smolenskaya Square stressed.