OREANDA-NEWS  The crew of the Russian Ocean Way circumnavigation expedition was attacked by sharks in the Pacific Ocean, about 835 kilometers southeast of the city of Cairns in Australia. This is reported in her official Telegram channel.

The expedition includes Russians Evgeny Kovalevsky and Stanislav Berezkin and Frenchman Vincent Thomas Etienne.

The first predator attack occurred on September 4. Then the rear left cylinder of the catamaran was damaged, because of which the vessel completely submerged under water. In an emergency condition, the travelers managed to hold out for about another day and walk about 160 kilometers.

The next day, the sharks damaged the right cylinder of the catamaran. After that, he lost his balance and began to sink. The crew gave an SOS signal, and 45 minutes later the cargo ship Dugong Ace approached the ship, where the travelers were evacuated.

It is noted that there were no special devices in the catamaran for loading it on board, so the navigators decided to leave it in the ocean. On a rescue ship, the crew headed to another Australian city — Brisbane.

Earlier, in August, a Spanish tourist who came to surf in Florida was attacked by a shark while riding. During the incident, the man was in a safe place near the pier. Nevertheless, the predator noticed him and bit him on the ankle.