OREANDA-NEWS  Technological independence is Russia's main priority in spending in 2023, budget funds will also go to the development and support of infrastructure, new regions, the power unit, business, said the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov in an interview with the TV channel "Russia 24".

"What spending priorities do we have planned for this year? First of all, it is, of course, technological independence: we direct large resources to those sectors of the economy that require support, and, I would say, renovation, since these are sectors such as electronics, aircraft construction, mechanical engineering. This is something that requires localization and the creation of its own resource base. Budget support is provided for this," he said. The minister also added that large budget expenditures will be spent on infrastructure. "We are continuing, I want to say right away, we are not curtailing, but somewhere we are even increasing the volume of infrastructure spending. This includes road construction, a large program for the modernization of housing and communal services, a new program. Over 2 years, about 150 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes," he explained. According to him, large projects are also envisaged in terms of supporting small and medium-sized businesses using the so-called cluster approach, when there will be assistance and assistance to "businesses to form new, import-substituting industries" with the provision of a number of preferences. "Starting from benefits, subsidizing interest on loans and ending with the fact that we provide demand for finished products. This is very important for our entrepreneurs," the minister added.

"Of course, it is impossible to ignore a number of social decisions that were made by the president last year, and this year came into force. Last year, decisions were made on additional indexation of pensions and benefits. This year, the unified children's allowance for families with children has been fully launched, it requires a lot of resources. We have one children's budget of 2.7 trillion rubles for one year. Everything requires additional funds and, of course, it will all be provided as a matter of priority," Siluanov said.