OREANDA-NEWS  The official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Irina Volk, commented on the Telegram channel on the problems of Russians with foreign passports when traveling abroad.

She explained that difficulties may be associated with the detection of errors in the personal data of citizens, as well as in the machine-readable area of the document, they are not widespread.

The most common situation is the use of the letter "e" or its incorrect transliteration, Wolf said. She recommended that you be careful when obtaining foreign passports and check the correctness of the information entered in them.

"If an error in the installation data is detected by a citizen after the issuance of a passport, he can apply to the migration department that issued the document with an application for its elimination. The new passport will be issued as soon as possible without charging a state fee," concluded the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Earlier it became known that Russians increasingly began to take away passports when leaving the country and disrupt vacations due to typos in documents.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that different variants of transliteration of names and surnames in Latin are not a reason to withdraw passports from Russians.