OREANDA-NEWS  Although Vladimir Putin himself has not yet announced his participation in the presidential campaign of 2024, the Kremlin's internal political bloc has already begun preparations for it, based on the fact that the elections will be held on schedule and with the participation of the current head of state, sources close to the presidential administration (AP) tell Kommersant. According to them, representatives of the administration have recently held relevant consultations with the expert community. So far, the study is preliminary: there are no clear outlines of the ideological component yet, although it is assumed that it will be based on the theme of unity. Representatives of the Kremlin also intend to closely monitor the regional elections of 2023 in order to take into account their experience in future federal elections.

The next presidential elections are to be held on March 17, 2024, and the election campaign will start after their official appointment by the Federation Council in December 2023, that is, in less than a year. The previous presidential elections-2018 were scheduled for December 17, 2017, and Vladimir Putin announced his participation in them on December 6.

According to Kommersant sources, representatives of the AP's internal political bloc are working on various election scenarios and assume that the campaign will go according to plan in 2024, and Mr. Putin will take part in it.