OREANDA-NEWS   In 2022, the number of liquidated companies in Russia decreased by 25 percent. Their total number was 280.2 thousand. Thus, the level of "mortality" of business has dropped to the lowest in seven years. These data were obtained from calculations made on the basis of data from the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

At the same time, the number of registrations of commercial enterprises increased by 8.6 percent, reaching 242.1 thousand. It is obvious that there is a preponderance in the direction of liquidations. Openings bypassed closures in only 19 regions.

Kalmykia, Tyva, and Karachay—Cherkessia are among the leaders in terms of the largest share of new businesses relative to liquidated ones. The smallest number of openings relative to closures was observed in the Voronezh Region, Komi, Bashkiria.

In recent years, the number of closures has consistently exceeded the number of openings against the background of the campaign launched in 2016 to combat one-day firms. The statistics of 2022 as a whole repeats the patterns of 2021: openings then increased by 4 percent, closures by 27 percent.