OREANDA-NEWS  Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspected the work of military builders in Mariupol. He also checked the degree of readiness of objects under construction and already commissioned. When the trip took place, the department did not specify.

According to the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Shoigu visited a multifunctional medical center, a rescue center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and a new neighborhood of 12 five-story residential buildings. In addition, a complex of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, a microdistrict of six nine-storey apartment buildings, schools and kindergartens are being built in the city.

During the visit, the Minister heard a report on "the construction of the largest water pipeline connecting the Rostov region and the Donetsk People's Republic from the Don River to the Seversky Donets—Donbass canal." It is expected that the water pipeline will provide "many settlements in the region."

On March 4, the Ministry of Defense reported that Sergei Shoigu inspected the control point of one of the formations of the Vostok group of troops in the South Donets direction in the zone of military operation in Ukraine. On the same day, the Minister held a meeting with his deputies at the headquarters of the joint group of troops, including the provision of military weapons. On March 5, Mr. Shoigu held a meeting with the commanders of the groups of troops in the zone of military operation in Ukraine.

In August 2022, the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation announced plans to restore Mariupol in three years. The mayor of the city Oleg Morgun said that more than 400 buildings are subject to demolition, According to him, it is planned to complete the demolition in 2023.