OREANDA-NEWS  The number of emergency medical doctors in 2022 increased by 1.4%, and the number of paramedics and ambulance drivers, on the contrary, decreased, follows from the report of the Ministry of Health of Russia on the results of work in 2022, which is available to RIA Novosti.

"In 2022, there is an increase in the staffing of emergency medical services - 70.5% (in 2021 – 66.5%) with a part–time ratio of 1.39 (in 2021 – 1.42). In absolute terms, the number of emergency medical doctors increased by 1.4%," the document says. The number of ambulance paramedics in absolute terms decreased by 0.3%, and the number of drivers decreased by 3.12% or by 1,425 people, the report notes.